Missing Features/Bug Fixes for Linux

This is a wish list of missing features or bug fixes in regards to using Unreal Engine 4 on Linux:

  1. Make the Epic Games Launcher available on Linux. Having to use Windows or Wine to try and use the marketplace or obtain free items is very time consuming & inconvenient.
  2. Allow us to package games for Windows when using Linux. [Yes, that’s right, you can’t make a game that runs on Windows if you use Linux, but you can make a game that runs on Linux if you use Windows…]
  3. Make plugins more compatible with Linux. For instance the Apex Destruction Plugin is very useful and needed by many projects, but it has some severe bugs on Linux when enabled, such as meshes, textures & materials going invisible within the editor. Further, many plugins found on the marketplace will only work on Windows & this makes things a severe inconvenience.
  4. Let us use Unreal Engine 4 on Linux without having to compile it ourselves.

I endorse this post. It’s a headache to get items from Marketplace on Linux. I would appreciate that you can make this possible. How do you expect that we could buy tools or plugins from developers and artists if there is no way to download stuff. It just doesn’t make sense.

I agree. Principally the item 4.

Let me add my endorsement for this. I want to move my development entirely to Linux, and Unreal Engine 4 is proving an obstacle to that.

it shouldn’t be an obstacle, but if you ask me, Centos 7.5 or now is 7.6 I believe was kind of easy the installation process; however, Stella OS or any other RPM-based operating system should do the job. I want to try with Debian to see what obstacles are and fix them on the go