Missing Editor classes in 4.22

I’ve been experimenting with editor scripting. One of the things i wanted to try was getting all static meshes in a level, querying if they have a lods, and if not, generating a set of lods - basically expanding upon the example here Looking through the documentation several classes looked fairly promising: EditorScriptingMeshReductionOptions, EditorScriptingMeshReductionSettings, EditorAssetLibrary and EditorAssetStaticMeshLibrary. All of these classes have documented functions that will do what i require, but they’re missing in the stub, and when i attempt to instance them in a script i get AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘EditorAssetLibrary’. As these Classes are used in examples i’d assume they’ve been implemented, is this just a bug with the release version of unreal?

Have you enabled the EditorScriptingUtilities plugin?

That would be it, thanks! Seems i missed the big warning box telling me to do this :slight_smile: