Missing Details tab when creating new variable

Hi, My issue is that iwhen i try to create a new variable it does not allow me access to the Details tab and so i cannot set a value.

It did work yesterday,

today I tried even creating a new project and adding a new variable to the BP.

So on Project blueprint i went to my blue print > + on the tab beside variable, and Nothing appears on the right… the check mark in the view Tab also will neither select nor de select the details tab it ALWAYS has a check mark beside it…

that is to say I can create a variable and name it but i cannot assign it a default value. because this tab is absent ( previously was not )

is there a way to verify the integrity of the files fo ue5 on my system ? Ive no reason to believe there is a corrupted or invalid file but im at odds here .

thanks in advance.


Just tested it, in the Window->Details you can’t close the tab. The checkmark just disappears if you click the x on the details tab directly. So my first guess would be, that your details tab is somewhere. Might it be accidentally docked somewhere else? Possible hideouts:

Last but not least it can be floating on e.g. on a monitor you can’t see. If you have roughly an idea where it was the last time you could click Window->Details once, then the window should be selected and you could push it with [win] + [<-] or [->] to a different screen position. The last one is just working if it’s not docked, else the complete Blueprint Editor will change position. And the last chance would be Window->Load Layout-> Load Default Layout.
And you can dock the sidebar this would look like this somewhere

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You are my hero dude… serious.

Turns out that i had earlier in the day had my pc hooked up to my tv and somehow the Details got docked on the 2nd ( non existant at time of project work ) monitor. I had to drag it from the right screen edge, with just the right pixel click to not grab the Window sizeing tool for the entire project.

new to uE5 and im very stoked for the rapidness of the response. Ive also learned other places i might lose this from your response. Again, Thank you. :slight_smile:

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