Missing Datasmith Plugin / Can't import datasmith content

I’ve googled this issue, but haven’t found anyone describing the particular problem I’m having…

I have used datasmith in the past to bring my 3DsMax content into UE4, but now I can’t seem to do it. I’m on a new installation of UE4, and I have no “Datasmith” button at the top of the screen as I remember it.

  • I installed the datasmith plugin via the Epic Games Launcher to this version of UE4 (4.23)
  • In my project, I went to Settings>Plugins and made sure the datasmith content plugin was turned on (it was)

I am at a loss on how I should import my datasmith content. If I choose to manually import an asset in the content browser, it doesn’t seem to recognize my .udatasmith files.

I have tried uninstalling my 3DsMax exporter plugin, reinstalling it. I have also removed the plugin from UE4 (4.23), then reinstalled it. Still nothing.

Any ideas?

Alright I found the solution, in this post in a separate thread:

I am actually using 4.23, but I had to navigate to this option to be presented with a prompt to convert my scene to an Unreal Studio scene and then restart. This made the datasmith button appear. I’m hoping that in 4.24 and later this process is a little more intuitive.