Missing credit in 4.27 release notes

Hello @Amanda . VictorLerp suggested me to contact you for this.
Checking out the release notes for Unreal Engine 4.27 Release Notes | Unreal Engine Documentation I don’t see myself included in them, while both of these changes are sourced from a PR I opened:

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Hey CapitanPumbo,

We wanted to let you know that we’ve let the documentation team know, and they will be following up with the appropriate changes. We appreciate you reaching out about this, and we’re sorry that this was missed.



@SkyeEden Hey. It doesn’t seem like anything has been done. If there is a reason, I guess it’s fine, but in that case, I’d like to know :slight_smile: .

@SkyeEden thanks again, though nothing has been done.

Hey Captain,

The last I heard was this was being resolved. The 4.27.1 credits have been updated in the engine.

I’m sorry this has been taking some time to resolve fully. I’ve reached out to the team again regarding the Release Notes.

Thank you for chasing this again! As soon as I hear more from the team, I will update you.


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4.27.1 credits have been updated in the engine

I’m not sure what that means exactly. Neither the changelist page for 4.27 or 4.27.1 include me in the changes.

The credits should have been updated. Could you please confirm?


Thank you very much. I can confirm seeing it. Though i would have preferred my github name being used (Filippo Tarpini (Filoppi)), CapitanPumbo is just my gaming username :sweat_smile:, but if it’s too much trouble, it’s fine this way.

Thank you for the confimration!

I am sorry that it took a long time to resolve this. I’ll follow up with the team to see if we can get that changed as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

Hello @SkyeEden , I recently checked whether any of my github PRs had been merged, and I found many of them to be, but it seems like I was not credited in any of Unreal Engine release notes. The following changes were merged in 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3:

It would be nice to get credited :slight_smile:. You can credit them to Pumbo (Filippo Tarpini)