Missing contributor credits


how do you decide who will be part of the contributors list in a release note? Asking for a friend :wink:

Joking aside, our programmer submitted like 5(?) patches which you’ve integrated and he is not part of the list and sadly this is not the first time.


In the Release Notes or in the App Credits ?
*The UE4 App Credits file looks like isn’t updated since more than one month, no idea why the release notes people don’t are in the Credits file or if for that need a x number of contributions

Hi saschaw,

We made a mistake this time around and accidentally forgot to include a few 4.8 contributors in the Release Notes. We are currently working on publishing the new Release Notes page with the corrected list. I apologize to your friend and the others, and we’ll have it fixed soon.


Okay, the Release Notes should be correct now, and I’d like to apologize for the delay to the following people who had been excluded:

Artem V. Navrotskiy (bozaro)
Cengiz Terzibas (yaakuro)
Daniel Mahashin (dmahashin)
Jeff Rous (JeffRous)
Jefferson Pinheiro (Ixiguis)
Kazumasa Ohashi (KazumasaOhashi)
Lucas Dohring (nykac)
Marc Kamradt (MarcKamradt)
Michael Allar (Allar)
Rama (EverNewJoy)
Sebastian Köcke (byte3)
Sébastien Rombauts (SRombauts)
Stephen Whittle (stephenwhittle)
Thomas Mayer (tommybear)
Tobias Mollstam (mollstam)

Thank you so much for your contributions! (and to all the other contributors as well!)

And that people and all from the release notes are added to the Credits in the UE4 ?

*My nick name after your update is “hevedy” and no “Hevedy” :frowning:

Hi Hevedy, that’s your name in the credits of 4.9 build (master branch)


Hi Stephen,

thank you very much. Found him in your list :slight_smile:


Oh WOW nice thanks you i don’t see that ^.^ this is nice!