Missing content examples? Part2

I’m trying to do the following tutorial videos…

I’ve downloaded the contents example from the learn menu and set it up as a project, but heres the thing.

None of the contents exactly match the tutorials in the video series. I see the hallway of effects but when they run through the first section of cascade the flame effects the guy is using to demo the toolset isn’t there… just a blackbody effect that only has one module.

The video above I have no idea how he has that content setup. How do I set that up like in the video?

Is there any good paid services I can buy which has working content and examples? I found a bunch of effects tutorials out there but I don’t want to get burned with incomplete/broken setups.

Like the video shows a game and engine folder in the content browser but all I see is >content.

I’m opening the UE4 Contents project then going new level [they skipped that step in the video I guess?]

If I start from scratch not using the content examples I’m in the same boat. What step am I missing between those two you tube videos in the docs?


Ok I see the farther he goes through the video he just throws everything in his scene out and starts from scratch, kind of confusing to start a tutorial like that. I’d appreciate any recommendations for paid tutorials.

The engine folder is hidden by default so it’s not accidentally modified. He mentions this in an earlier video. You can get to it by clicking the view button( bottom right of the content browser ).

Thanks for that tip. That and resetting my filters I can see everything now.

Bumpy start but I’m running through a slew of videos now. Really digging the workflow.