Missing Blueprints:

I had a problem where I couldn’t get certain blueprints on my own level, I got around this by loading the MainIsland map and then I could use the blueprints. However, I have encountered the same problem where I can’t find the Water_Post_Process_2 Blueprint. I have tried doing the same thing as before but I still can’t find it when I search for it.

Can anyone help me get around this?

(This is probably really easy, I’m really new to this)


It is because the dev kit don’t have all the file of the game so maybe this one is not in and you will need to wait for the update around the 13 to see if they have add it :slight_smile:

there is no file name like that in the content browser, nor there is anything similar with water and postprocess so i think you will need to wait for the update :s

Ah man, how come some people have it and others don’t? I was watching a tutorial but it was a few updates ago :frowning:

I’m not sure what you mean you can’t get certain blueprints in your own level. The WaterPostProcess volume is just a generic Post Process Volume added from the Modes panel > Volumes > Post Process Volume and is renamed. Even so, you should just start with TheSmallIsland, duplicate it, and work out from it. Also, Brick’s tutorials should go through just about everything you need to know. More resources can be found here and the UE4 manual is here.