Missing blueprint on launch/packaging


I am trying to launch a blueprint pure game I have created however I am met with errors:

LogLinker:Warning: Can’t find file '/Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance’LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to load ‘/Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance’: Can’t find file ‘/Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance’
LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to load ‘/Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance’: Can’t find file '/Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance’LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to find object ‘Class /Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance.BP_GameInstance_C’
LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to find object 'Class /Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance.BP_GameInstance_C’LogWindows:Error: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0)

I read somewhere else that you could set a boolean in one of the ini files to allow blueprints to be included in the build. I would however like to find the cause for this error and change it if possible so as to not needing blueprints in the build as this seems to not be intentional but be a solution in case it wont work otherwise.

While the project is small there are still a lot of blueprints and functions so narrowing it down would be hard as I am currently clueless as to what causes this. Thanks.

It does say directly in that log:

Can't find file '/Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance'
LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to load '/Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance': Can't find file '/Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance'LogUObjectGlobals:Warning: Failed to find object 'Class /Game/Blueprints/BP_GameInstance.BP_GameInstance_C'

So it says it can’t find your Blueprint called “BP_GameInstance”.

Yeah but that blueprint exists and all works in PIE so even if you say the error is stated right there it would not really mean much but I guess I should’ve been more clear.

Anyways I resolved it by setting the gameinstance to default and then back to my BP_GameInstance. There must be some bug somewhere that causes the buildtool to not be able to find it? And yes the ini file did have the BP_GameInstance set when the error occured.

Regardless everything works.

It could have been a cache issue.

Years later I had this exact problem and it was solved using this solution. Thank you!