Missing Associated File Icons

My files associated with UE are not showing the right icons in windows explorer.

Because of the “inability to install in Program Files” issue, I have recently tried to “clean” all of the Unreal/Epic Games entries out of the registry thinking some leftover registry trash was messing up the install directory. I uninstalled UE 4 versions, uninstalled the UE 4 launcher, then searched the registry and deleted any entry for “unreal” or “epic games”.

Now upon reinstalling to another directory (because “program files” wouldn’t work, I opted for “epic games” right off the C drive) none of my .uproject or other files show the correct icons in windows explorer. I do see the correct context menu and associated icons in the context menu, it’s just the icons on the files that are missing. I don’t see why reinstalling the launcher hasn’t fixed this, any ideas?

It was Windows 7, 64-bit, but that worked, thanks!

Which version of Windows are you using? Is it just the icons not displaying properly? In other words, when you launch the project files they start in the editor correctly but just display the wrong icon?

There are various sources that describe how to fix icon issues on Windows. For example check out Method 1 here: Icons are not displayed for certain files in Windows 7 - Microsoft Support