Missing Asset Catalog - Cannot distribute app

I’m using an Unreal source build, built from the 4.17 branch, and I’ve been able to deploy my IOS app successfully to my iPad many times. I’m using Xcode 9 beta 3, and IOS 11 beta 3.

Now I want to upload my app to iTunes Connect so I can distribute it through TestFlight. I’m able to successfully build and sign it for distribution, but when I upload it to iTunes Connect (tried with both an Xcode archive and Application Loader), it uploads successfully, but then I get an email saying:

I can’t find any information about how to solve this. I’ve already tried opening the Xcode project, and under the “App Icons” setting, it doesn’t look like it’s configured to use Asset Catalogs.

Anyone else having this problem?

I’ve found the same thing. UnrealBuildTool doesn’t generate an asset catalog for iOS, only for tvOS (and the code is not really easily modifiable to accommodate iOS). I’ve raised a support request for it, and I’m investigating ways to work around it by building the asset catalog manually until then. I haven’t found any information about why this is required for iOS 11, but since the asset catalog has been recommended by Apple since at least iOS 5, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not the one and only way to include icons now. If you don’t require iOS 11, I’d try targeting 9 or 10 instead, to see if it works with the asset catalog there.


Thanks Axl. Yes, I am required to use IOS 11, since my app uses ARKit.

I’ve managed to build the Asset Catalog by hacking at the UBT IOS scripts, but when I uploaded my asset cataloged .IPA to iTunes Connect, I got a warning saying that it’s missing a marketing icon. I then hacked at the scripts some more until I got the marketing icon added, but iTunes doesn’t seem to notice it. It still tells me it’s missing.

This IOS dev at Stack Overflow had a similar issue - ios - Missing Marketing Icon - Stack Overflow

Could be that the new warning is due to my using a beta Xcode.

Hello guys,

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