Missing Application.ico

I put my project on source control and only submitted the Config, Source, Content, and uproject. This has worked for previous projects of mine. Anyway, I pulled the project on another PC and it failed to build because my project’s .rc file couldn’t find …/…/…/…/Build/Windows/Application.ico when compiling.

Is this something new with 4.6 or 4.7 of unreal? Do I need to put this Application.ico under source control? Why is it looking for this file under Build and not under Source or Content?


I have always experienced that requirement in 4.6 and just sync the Build folder as well. Its okay to do so, it won’t contain more autogenerated files.

Since the icon is a platform specific asset I guess they decided to leave it out of Content.

Okay, thank you.

We also experienced this problem and thanks to NisshokuZK to figure this out! :slight_smile: I did create an Answerhub-Question/Bug report because this behaviour is not in line with the perforce source control documentation page.

Oh, you’re welcome. :slight_smile: