Missing Animation Notifies

Hi! I’m using the 4.25 version of Unreal Engine and I have a problem with some missing animation notifies. In the animation blueprint I have some events arising from anim notifies, but I can’t see the notifies neither in the animation assets nor in the notifies window… Anyway the events are triggered, so it seems to be a bug preventing notifies from correct displaying. Could someone help me to fix this problem, please? Thanks in advance!

Hii, I’d need some more information. I can’t see my notifies/notifystates in the assets from the animation blueprint window, but I can acces the events in the event graph, after the notify has been added to my animation sequence. so that part is just normal. The question being, where do you expect the notifies to be, where they are not?

Hi! Exactly! Usually I add the anim notifies in the animation sequence and then I can call the event related to the notify in the animBP… But in this case I see the event in the animBP, but I can’t find the related notify in the animation sequence or in notifies window…