Missing Android source / files in Visual Studio

I’d like to experiment with Android functionality in my fork of the engine source code. However, when I’m looking at some of the Android cpp files (e.g., LaunchAndroid.cpp), I see many errors that are related to missing source files and undefined identifiers (Classes, Types, etc.) - see attachment.

What should I do to fix this?

Hi bitwiseben,

The files you are referring to are in the Android NDK. Please follow the instructions to install the AndroidWorks package:


Chris, thanks for your reply!
I have installed the Android NDK, and have successfully launced Android projects from Unreal to my device. However, when I’m looking at the Unreal Engine source code, Visual Studio (2015) does not seem to know where the NDK is. I do not know to fix this.

The Visual Studio project does not include the NDK paths for the IDE, but this isn’t necessary to compile since we use our own build system which uses either the environment variables or the Android SDK settings in the editor.

Ah right, so that’s why I can still compile the project even though I see errors/warnings… Thanks! (I’ll try to add the NDK paths myself, as code completion would help me a lot with the NDK, which I know very little about :-))