Missing Android Components

I have installed and reinstalled tadp 3.0r4 several times.
Installation works perfectly.

Everything seems to be installed correctly.

‘adb devices’ shows my device.
All environment variables set.

But UE 4.5.1 simply says:
“You are missing some required components for Android game creation. Even if you have installed th eAndroid SDK already, there may be some missing components or environment variables.”

Unfortunately, this error message is basically useless - I need to know WHICH component is missing. :frowning:

I have combed through the output log.

Is there anyplace to check and find out WHICH component is missing?

Clearly the message must appear after matching SOME error condition…it would be very helpful to show what component is missing…

Thanks again for any help or advice…

Was going to try older version of tadp, but tadp 3.0r4 is the only 3.0 version available…

Any ideas - has anyone successfully used tadp 3.0r4 with ue 4.5.1?

Did the SDK install complete successfully?

IIRC the editor only checks to see if you have 3 environment variables set (ANDROID_HOME, NDKROOT and ANT_HOME)… maybe JAVA_HOME as well (does the TADP install the Java SDK too?).

The only other component I can think of is that the compiler which ships isn’t one which is checked, although I believe the logic for this was changed recently so I doubt that is the problem.

All environment variables are set… not sure what to do… there is no information to troubleshoot… just says “You are missing some components…”

Instead of just saying that - it needs to say something more - like what component is missing

Thanks again to anyone who can help…

I don’t think Unreal Engine officially support tadp3.0 just yet, unless you’re running a full-code project. Some forum users appeared to be successfully building it themselves.

For everyone else, you should use the tadp2.0 included in your Unreal Engine folder.

Mine’s located here: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.5\Engine\Extras\Android adp-2.0r8-windows.exe

I’m also facing a similar issue, I already have TADP 3.0 installed on my machine and I have been using it to deploy on my tegra device for other projects. However, I havent been able to get it to package/launch any application in Unreal. Does it only support version 2 of TADP. I really don’t want to go back to a previous version and if anybody’s got a solution for this, then any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.