Missing A Lot of Actions for Blueprints?

I’m following a youtube tutorial ( and in this tutorial he uses two things that I can’t find. First he right clicks in the Event Graph and gets something that detects Left Mouse Button clicks. It’s not showing up for me. Then he imports an event thats “Event BeginPlay” which I don’t have either. He is using an older version, this tutorial was made in September 2016. Did something change? Am I missing somethings? Thanks!

The action menu is context sensitive and shows nodes that make sense. Left Mouse Button and Begin Play events should be available in most blueprints.
Which blueprint are you trying to invoke them in?

It’s from an Event Graph, shown in this screenshot: 76be15a9d87269a6d57770fc1348b04d26d77ef2.png

When I right click in the black space the action menu comes up and I type in Mouse Left and nothing shows up. I did the same with Event BeginPlay which didn’t come up either. He does it in the same location in the video.

^^ make sure the context-filter thing is disabled when adding a new node if you can’t find one. Disabling the little checkbox on the node creation menu (when you right click in the blueprint editor graph) gives you access to a lot more, which you can still filter by typing the partial name into the search box.

It’s an event graph? If that makes sense? Sorry sorta new. Here’s a picture.

That’s an animation BP. You need a regular BP. AnimBP have a different set of events they can use- no input events, and InitializeAnimation vs BeginPlay (IIRC) as a start; more differences, ofc.

Unreal Engine is confusing. Its also the same thing for the widget designer graph as well you can’t use the normal BP nodes in it so you can’t get the full range of the nodes that are avaliable in the normal BP graph.

this is because it is a widget. as KoruVeren said above it is different than a normal actor/pawn/character blueprint. if you are having issues with widgets watch a few tutorials on them. Once you get it down its not as hard as you think.

Yep gathered that you can only use widget based nodes for it. I managed to get movies now playing in the widget. But As for doing text Dialog using a box trigger linked to an array to read in the text from the row data table and also try to bring up the speaker’s pic up in the widget and play also their audio file both at the same time, I found this to be alot more tricky to try to set up and I couldn’t get the timing of the triggers quite right. Its annoying when sometimes the pic shows up and audio plays and then at other times only the text shows up and audio plays instead of showing both the pic and text and I know it has to be set up another way but I was trying to fire off all three tasks off using a Sequence node because I didn’t know what node to use to fire it all at once as soon as you stepped in the box trigger. But I don’t have enough knowledge of blueprints yet so I had to use a sequence node instead.