Missed perception

My AI sometimes don’t perceive an enemy if they start with the perception component disabled (component enabled tick set to false), move to a point with an event binded to it on move complete, then turn the perception component on, sometimes in order to be detected I must run out of their FOV and run back in, please test in a similar situation and see if you have the same issue and if it is a bug.

To be more precise this happens if the tick is enabled when I am already in their FOV that the update on perception is missed.

AI perceptions only Updates when Perceptions sources come in and come out from the perception range. so it is expected it wont update if you are already in. this could be to reduce the load on AIperception…imagine you got 50 npcs with perception and everyone runs it on everytick.
an easy workaround could be to add a hearing perception, enable it too and make your character make a noise (make a noise node), then it will update trigger the onAIPerceptionUpdate node and you will get the actor reference.

Call “Request Stimuli Listner Update” after you enable Tick again if you are lucky it will force a Update. Worth a Shot.

I have used the get perceived actors node when I want to activate my AI, and notify my AI director based on that, thanks for your help. What does request stimuli listener update do anyway?

Didnt go to deep into the source but by the looks of it, it should Force a Update on the Senses. Source is a bit Confussing there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but hey if you already figured it out all fine right =)