Missed Opportunity: Left Click + Modifier (Shift/Ctrl/Alt) Should Quickly Solo View the Clicked R, G, B, or A Channel in Image/Texture Viewer

I really like that the RGBA channel selector has been changed from UE4’s drop down menu to the individual buttons for each channel in UE5’s image/texture viewer. To further improve this new design, I propose the following quality of life feature:

When left clicking on an R, G, B, or A channel button, holding down a modifier key like Shift, Ctrl, or Alt should quickly solo the channel clicked, automatically disabling the other channels. Most of the time, I’m merely checking one channel to look at a PBR channel-packed texture (e.g. I want to look at Blue channel just to see my Roughness texture and hide every other channel). When using the channel selection feature, I find myself spending most of my time disabling channels that I want to hide just to isolate and view the one channel I want to see.