Missed montly free Assets


when I miss a monthly free asset, can I have it somehow for free, or is the offer over for ever?

I know somebody who missed the explosion pack and the liquids from July 2019, bit he really wants it.

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Its only free for that month, otherwise you just have to buy it.

I have them, but a person in my team does not. Can we share the assets somehow?

Would be Cool if there is solution for that problem. I know someone with the same problem.

There is a solution. They can buy it! :slight_smile:

Not cool. The offers are really too short. 2 months would be much better.

Maybe some Experts can give an confirmed awnser

Yes, you can actually share it. According to the Marketplace FAQ:

“Yes, you can share Marketplace products with your team but only for the limited purpose of the project that you are jointly developing. Content pooling or sharing products between developers outside of your organization is prohibited. Team members also cannot use products in an unlimited fashion for their own projects.”

1 month is more than enough, especially that it’s announced on the first day of every month consistently, communicated through e-mail, Facebook, stream, and all channels. I don’t see how 30 days is not enough for a 30 seconds action of grabbing the assets.

I can’t agree with you there. All they have to do is log on from any PC or mobile phone once per month. That’s hardly asking too much. If that really is too hard for them to do, you’ve got to ask how much they really wanted the items in the first place. I don’t get how another 30 days is going to change anything.

But as has been pointed out, if they are working in a team, the assets can be shared., so luckily the problem is solved. Yay!:slight_smile:

Cool. How can we share it? Have I to implement the assets in a project, and the other developer can open the project and use the asset? I though everybody must have the assets in their library.

You can use the assets in the project you are developing with others, so yes, they can open the project and use the assets you have included in it, not all team members must own the assets in their library.