Miss Daisy | A real-time comic short

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to share our latest university* project, a comic short entitled “Miss Daisy” done entirely in UE4.

The objective for this project was to create a short film in the spirit of all of the wonderful Pixar shorts but keep the real-time aspect of video games (as we are all video game students).

The project was completed in a 14 week period with a team consisting of 6 core members (five of which were part of the “God Left Me” team, a project that was presented at this year’s GDC for Epic’s student showcase) as well as two audio designers and a few extra people who pitched in at different times for various needs.

Once again, UE4 is proving to be a platform that is very flexible and powerful for different types of projects and we look forward to continuing our exploration of what is possible within UE4.

We do hope you enjoy!

*We are graduating students from the NAD in Montreal, Canada. - www.nad.ca

Oh wow…this looks incredible! Very well done and very professional :slight_smile: Its done with Lightmass right?^^

Really cool.

Great job guys. Very impressive

Wow !!!

Ingenious, funny, awesome visuals and sounds effects, brief: impressive :smiley:

I think this is an amazing example of the different possible uses for Unreal Engine.

I love it, awesome work!

Hi, I’m the light artist on Miss Daisy. The light is done with baked lightmass (static light where no objects are moving and stationary where few objects is moving) mixing with dynamics light for light on character and shadow projection.

Here a shot from top view. This is the global baked light

Every shot has dynamic light to get the best shot, playing with focus spot to guide eyes trough short.

PatrickAnim: you made glimpse of future, soon i hope UE4 based movies and cartoons are very widespread over the world.

Miss Daisy was quite funny and crazy(in good way) for me. I suggest some other 2D cartoons if you like, Bingo Bongo and Lava Lava series. I really hope you produce more like Miss Daisy and you could send these to TV for fun break.

Wow that was nicely done you guys did a great job!

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! We really appreciate it!

So amazing! I was blown away by something different every few seconds.

great work!.. but I felt some of the immersion drop when there was some closeups on some low res textures…otherwise… great job!

So awesome to see this work coming out of universities! Wish my uni work had looked this good, keep up the amazing work :smiley:

p.s. everyone in the office loves this!