Mismatch in the location of a character after the animation is imported from Maya into the Unreal sequencer

I am animating in Maya and rendering in Unreal, right now there is a mismatch in the location of the character after the animation is imported into the Unreal sequencer. We have imported the mesh as an fbx and then the animation as an fbx with the animation baked into it.

The process I used is importing the fbx of the skeletal mesh in UE4 from Maya as an fbx, apply the animation from the UE4 sequencer that has been exported from maya and baked into an fbx. I used the same pipeline for the camera and it works, but the character jumps to another place on the grid.

One strange thing is that after importing the animation to the character the pivot of the character looses its center. Of course, I can reset it, but maybe it will help identify the problem.