Misfits Studios Inc. Seeking Senior C++ Developer/Shareholder In Company

Misfits Studios Inc. Seeking Senior C++ Developer/Shareholder In Company

Misfits Studios Inc. is comprised of three successful business owners and entrepreneurs who have founded multiple million dollar companies and are ready for their next big project. We have backgrounds in professional large-scale search engine optimization, marketing, business and legal management, and gaming platform marketing. We have connections with executives from a fortune 500 company in the gaming niche and are seeking a senior C++/Blueprint Developer for the next hit steam game.
This is a great opportunity to join our company as an equal partner. We know how to build companies and generate profit quickly and are looking for a highly skilled developer who wants to join our team.

The overall concept of the game is an apocalyptic multiplayer online open-world survival game, which will mix PvE survival with competitive PvP elements. The game will use the best features of successful titles in the FPS open-world survival genre and offer a huge number of additional features and creativity.
Major features of the game will be disclosed to the successful applicant. The overall picture is game-play similar to games such as 7 Days To Die, Rust, and PUBG, with a bit of an MMORPG leveling/talent feel and progression.

Talent Required:
Dedicated Senior C++ Programmer/Blueprint Scripting Professional

  • Extensive knowledge of C++ and libraries
  • Proficiency with Blueprint, including prototyping and conversion of blueprints to C++
  • Ability to quickly analyze, debug and write large and complex C++ Programs
  • Knowledge and ability to edit the UE4 engine source when needed
  • Strong familiarity with UE4 controls, features, and UI.

Additional Desired Attributes:

  • Passion for programming and game development
  • Able to dedicate 3-4+ hours a day to programming and game development
  • Good communication skills and team-player mentality

Successful applicant will be an equal shareholder of Misfits Studios Inc. and receive 25% of all net profits and future endeavors. Majority of kickstarter, grants, and other funding will also be paid to successful applicant.

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Guys, I don’t if you are honest about this, but you will not find any serious Senior Programmers for this kind of ad. What you’ve described is a famous recipe for distaster, anyone who’s been in the gamedev long enough has seen ton of studios and teams which thought that making survival MMORPG is a great idea for the first game and 99% will not finish the game, and 25% of nothing is just that - nothing. And it’s not a job for one programmer for 3-4 hours a day, it needs a serious full-time team. So if you are successful business owners as you describe either fund a proper studio that can finish this or start with a smaller project which actually has a chance of being finished. And expect that your first game still might flop, it’s typical scenario with Indies these days - so plan to make few games before you actually start making money.

I appreciate your comment and honest feedback. I should clarify that I don’t mean a massive MMORPG, just an open world survival game with a basic leveling and talent system. The plan is to make a small-scale prototype which can be professionally edited into a game-play trailer. We can then work our magic and ensure that the kickstarter and other funding projects receive a huge amount of traffic and conversion. At that point we will be bringing in more devs and artists to ensure the game is completed.

I should mention that one of the team members is intermediate at using blueprint and will be helping as well. We are definitely open to bringing on an additional developer, that way there will be 3 people actively working on the code/blueprint itself to get to a small scale prototype for trailer usage. We will be purchasing assets from the marketplace and using other contracted art/modeling to get things up and running for a kickstarter stage.

I love unique apocalyptic multiplayer online open-world survival games like this one. How will your game compete with those you listed above? What are the monetization model(s) planned to generate revenue? I also recommend flushing out your landing page as it generates doubt to the entrepreneurial claims above in its current state.

Thanks for the feedback. We have a pitch deck, business plan, monetization model, and GDD, all ready to go. Funding/grant work is an ongoing process. We are definitely willing to share more extensive details about the project and our individual skill-sets, but we don’t want to give away any key details until necessary. Our website is going through some overhaul and scheduled maintenance at the moment and should be back up within a couple of days!

Just one question, did any of you worked on game that is somewhat bigger than simple mobile app, and was successfully released? You seem like serious business people, but imo you seriously underestimate working hours needed to code such game.
And just coding prototype game, or even feature complete game, is like 10-20% of whole coding work needed. Making games is different then making some utility applications, you need gameplay tweaks, testing, sometimes big portions of game need to be replaced because of some silly gameplay issue.

For that game you need minimum 3 to 5 full time coders.