Mirtilo - Run to the light! (Endless Runner Game to Android... so far)


Finally Mirtilo game is on Google Play! Feel free to download the game and suggest improvements! :wink:

It’s an endless running game made on Unreal 4 (Only Blueprint)

The game was inspired in Endless Runners such Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Agent Dash, but it has some differences:

-The first difference is the history: The character is running from the shadows, her target is the light at the end of the tunnel (or cave), she has to overcome the obstacles that appears on her path and earn some achievements and items to help her reach her final destination. For me this is the most important difference because it is like an analogy with the life and gives a motive why we are running and can’t get out of the rails.

-The second difference is that the target of the game isn’t pick coins up, but pick up incandescent mirtiloes! (Mirtilo means blueberry in Portuguese)

-The third difference is that the player can pick mirtiloes overlapping it or touching on it (with the toughs);

-The fourth is that the player must brake some obstacles touching on it more than 3 times;

Its similarities are Diamonds to buy power-ups and skins, achievements to encourage player to play more times and earn more diamonds.

If you want to test it on testflight just send me your email which was registered at Apple and I will send the invitation from testflight ([EMAIL=“”]


nice game man i just downloaded it and tried it, it’s nice i wonder if it is your first game ? and how long did it take you ?

i am also working on an endless runner game but it’s too early for me to finish it xD

Alfakhri, I’m sorry to answer after six months, but I really thought that I would receive an email or something like this when the thread was replied…

Like people say here in my country:“Better late than never”…

This is YES my first game and it has taken some months to be made because I have made it on my free time…

Thanks for downloading the game!!!

Please, visit the facebook page to see the evolution of the game:

If you are curious of how to make a Endless Running Game to Mobile on Unreal 4 totally without any code, this is the Mirtilo design for UE 4.9.
Feel free to create your Endless Running from this model that has blueprints for:
Setup menu (Multi-Language);
Skins change the character;
Character Menu;
Change the animation of the character;
Random music;

Google Drive:


Media Fire:

This is awesome! I’ll defidentely be spending a lot of time looking at this, thank you so much for posting it!

Good lucky :wink: