mirrored images


due to some technincal issue, some of the pictures came out rotated 90° and/or mirrored. Before starting the model reconstruction with RC I did manually rotate and unmirror then.

However from the 2D view it’s clear that RC ignores the manipulation and still shows the rotated pictures. I assume that rotation does not affect the calculations, however those that are mirrored are indeed a problem.

Do you have any suggestion how I could fix those mirrored pictures ? other than “shoot them again” which is not possible.


Hi Massimo
I recommend you to change automatic rotations of images in camera settings.
This setting is written in EXIF, so alternatively use http://u88.n24.queensu.ca/exiftool/foru … pic=2750.0 to remove the information…

Wishgranter wrote:

Hi Massimo Tasso

recommend to change in camera settings that automatically rotate image. This settigns is written in EXIF, so eventually use http://u88.n24.queensu.ca/exiftool/foru … pic=2750.0 and remvoe the information…

Hi Wishgranter, thanks, I suspected something like that. Problem is that exiftool show correct information: original and rotated image have the sizes X,Y inverted as expected and I can find no tag referring to image rotation or mirroring.

I’ll look for some other tool in case the linux version of exiftool misses some tags, do you have any other hint WRT the tags ?

thanks in advance