Mirror static mesh in actor BP

Mirror static mesh in actor BP? best way, i know i can do it in the editor but i cant find it in the BP editor, if not there whats the best was to do it in the PB part, i can seem seen to get it to rotate not mirror, i was hopping to just import the one mesh and mirror it rather then importing 2 mirrored meshes

Obviously it’s easier to just place two meshes, and turn one of them around.

If you really want to do it in BP, then you need to spawn the mesh and turn it around.

thanks for the

thanks for the reply
i want to mirror a few meshes so importing a mirrored version is a bit messy , i tried spawning it in a BP but i can only rotate the mesh, not mirror it, i have a few meshes in the BP and some i want mirrored and some not, any help i would be grateful

Ah… you need:

thanks for the reply.
Nah, inside of the BP editor not the editor Menu, i have actor BP, in that Actor BP i have several meshes to combine into one BP, rather then grouping the Meshes in the editor, i have a actor BP, i want to to that exact function in the picture but in the BP editor. i can mirror the entire mesh or the entire BP but i cant seem to find how to mirror individual parts of a BP, ie the BP is made of of several meshes some i want to mirror and some i don’t in the, on another BP with the same assets i want different parts mirrored. i hope this make sense.

i tried playing around with a few blueprints but i can only seem to move the intended mesh and rotate, not mirror it like in the function in the picture

It should just be a negative 1 in x/y or z depending on what the mesh needs to mirror ( i believe within the scale parameters)

With you.

Just scale it by -1 in the axis you want to reflect in.

hahah, how stupid of me, that works like a charm,