Mirror problem

I made a mirror by a simple setup. 0 reflect and 1 mettalic. But why does the reflection not look crisp? I do have a box reglection in my room and its almost exactly as the room. I tried increasing the resolution but still no help. Is this a ue4 limitation? Ot am i making glass wrong?

There are a couple of ways to do this - easiest is probably using planar reflection, if expensive.

The regular reflection captures are not good for mirror reflections, use the 2D planar reflection capture

Ahhh! Will look into that. Thxs both!

If it’s a small mirror or background asset, a box reflection capture may work as well. It will be lower quality, but will give you better performance (place and scale it just to effect the mirror). You can also up the resolution of reflection captures in the Project settings>Rendering>Textures>Reflection Capture Resolution

Hmm … increased the resolution on the rendering tab to 512. Greatly improved. But at shallow angles, the reflection gets weird. I tried doing the 2d planar… but not sure what u guys meant. Like the planet reflection box?