mirror material creation

hey fast question, whats the best way to create a realistic mirror material, thanks in advance for any help

Very easy, use a 2D render to texture and put that in the diffuse slot–since it’s a mirror it doesn’t need anything besides the reflection.

okay forgive my ignorance but what exactly is a 2d render ?

You should check out Content Examples project. There is a sample of what you want to do in one of its levels.

jacky just looked even did a pretty big search online, what they have there in the content examples for the life of me i cannot get to reflect another mesh no matter what i do, i know this is stupidly simple and i have seen it referenced before just cannot remember where or how ? think it was in one of the hundreds of videos i watched.

There is a level called Reflections in Content Examples project. Open it and then head to 1.7.

What you see there is a SceneCapture2D actor facing the direction you want reflected. Once you set it up, create a TextureRenderTarget2D in the content browser and insert it to SceneCapture2D’s Texture Target. And then use that texture in the material of your mirror mesh. You can also see the material setup in that same project.

Non of these examples are true realistic mirror. To make a real mirror you have to position camera to correct place, adjust camera near clip plane to mirror surface and capture that image.

Yes, but that’s what we have right now until Epic gives us a better solution.

And you have access to the source code where you could setup exactly that. So your choices are at the moment 1. Implement it yourself (and hopefully share with the community). or 2. Wait.