Mirror material / 2d scene capture

How do i make a mirror material like this one here?

I’ve been trying everything i can think of. I’ve tried 3d capture. NOPE! Too slow. **** thing was running at 5 fps or less. I’ve tried 2d capture with rotating camera relative to actor’s location and just looks weird… Also tried reflection captures but they only work at an angle. Doesn’t seem to work when i’m facing the mirror.
A reflection like that in the picture would do, but i have no idea how to get it done. Can someone help me out with this?

Well, for a mirror, the roughness of your material must be 0…after that you just have to put some sphere Reflection Capture…If i remember good in the Epic scene for the reflection feature, there were one sphere reflection capture just in front of the mirror and an other in the middle of the corridor…perhaps check the scene ‘Reflections’ from Epic, you will learn :wink:

already tried that didn’t work. it only works in certain angles. if i walk in front of it it’s just black or grey or whatever the color u made it to be