Mirror looks Low Poly


So I wanna put a mirror into my scene and so I made a simple mirror material but there is a problem. The reflections in the mirror look super low Poly, and the only good quality reflections I get is when I am looking at an object (Img 2)

I have done a lot of research on this issue, and most people seemed to solve this by placing a reflection capture into their scene, however that did not work for me, it makes 0 change in the scene. Same with the scene capture. My lumen quality is set to max.

Any ideas on how to fix this please?

Low Poly Reflections

Door reflection is good quality when player looks directly at the door

That’s because of how lumen works, the reflections are done based on the mesh distance fields, as you can see on your lumen scene, but your door looks fine when you look directly at it because lumen also uses screen space reflections. If your distance field resolution is too low, you’ll get low-poly looking meshes on your reflections. You can either disable lumen and use cubemap reflections or try increasing your distance field resolution on the mesh editor.

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The increasing distance field resolution just made my objects reflections disappear, but I don’t need to use Lumen since I’m new to Unreal Engine and I very much doubt my game would gain any big advantages from it, so I have found out how to do cubemap reflections and now it’s working, thank you for your help!