Mirror Enemy, copy move from the character

Hi everyone,

I want to make an enemy which is copying the movement from the main character, like a mirror version of himself.

So basically, if I’m moving right, the character to move right as well, and so on, on a FPS project.

Thank you very much

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please guys, i really need it


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So, let’s see.

You have the player and you have an enemy.

1 - give the enemy the same animation BP as the player

2 - copy all the logic in the player’s input events to the enemy (moveup, moveright, fire, …)

3 - replace all the the input events in the enemy by custom events:

4 - in the player BP, get the reference to the enemy in question:

5 - also in the player BP, add the necessary logic to sent the same input commands to the enemy:

6 - the end. Result:


Hello sir, thank’s a lot, one thing that I cannot understand is the 4th step.

So, the “BP mirror” is the char mirror, but where is that “send” going after that in the events?

In the step 4, you will get the reference of the mirrored character, which I name BP_Mirror, so you can then access all the custom functions, which in this case are: MoveUP, MoveRight, FireOn and FireOff.

I don’t understand what you mean by “but where is that “send” going after that in the events?”

My question is , that , set mirror character where is going after that, in the events?

To the move right/move left?

It doesn’t matter for the discussion at hand. It could end right there.