Mirror Animation System Plugin


You can check it out in the Marketplace at the following link:…imation-system

Greetings, I’ve submitted my plugin with which you will be able to mirror a character’s animation and root motion, here I showcase it in the following video:

Also here are some screenshots of how this things are set up:


You can check out the documentation for the Plugin Here:…ation.pdf?dl=0


I’ve taken notice of how dificult it is for people to setup a Mirror Table from scratch. Because of this I am setting up a Library of Mirror Tables where I put the ones I have done for skeletons like the UE4 Mannequin or the Mixamo characters.

Link to the Mirror Table Library:…zxsVuauBa?dl=0

You can submit a Skeleton to make a Mirror Table for it by E-mailing me at

Update 04/11/2017:

Last update includes version for UE 4.18 along some improvements and fixes on all versions:

-Fixed a display bug that ocurred in the Mirror Table editor which involved undoing a removal or addition of a bone to the mirror table which caused all of the bones to display blank.

-Now using the Mirror Table from skeleton you don’t need to specify that the substrings are prefixes or suffixes, as it now accepts substrings that can be anywhere on the name of the bone (example of this is: " Finger_Left_01", with “Left” being the substring).

-Added a class icon and thumbnail for the Mirror Table asset.

Update 15/04/2018:

with the new 4.19 version comes a bug fix shared by user **lucasncv. **This bug involved using the Mirror Anim Asset Tool on an Animation where a twin bone had animation but not it’s twin, same problem happenning the other way around.

Since I usually resample-bake all my animations I never encountered this bug personally, so it’s good that someone reach out to tell me about it.

You’re a saviour! Great work. So it’s as easy as plugging in “Mirror” into the animation graph, and that’s it?

to mirror a pose you can see in the first picture the animation graph node MirrorBones, and in the second picture the settings that have to be set up in it to work.

This should really be integrated into the engine itself. Think it was on the roadmap then removed. Good work :slight_smile:

^ Funnily enough this is what I thought and what another mentioned to me when I showed them… but alas, seems its off the cards.

Good work sir.

I wrote a quick and dirty script to do this in Maya on a skeleton, just runs through and flips everything needed then exports a flipped version. But this is a lot more convenient, so if it’s cheap enough I’ll buy it. Speaking of which, do you have a price in mind?

I Submitted it with a price of 34.99 USD, looking at other plugins ranging between 12 and 150 or 70 it seemed like a good middle. Does that seem within budget?

I can’t tell you if it’s an appropriate price for your asset in general, but I will buy it at that price once I start on a project that will use it. Get epic to buy it :wink:

Looking great! I’ll buy it if it gets into the marketplace.

I’m gonna delay the plugin for a bit to acomodate for job work and add an additional feature that I had in mind

MirrorAnimationAsset Tool.JPG

Its basically an editor tool to Mirror an animation asset, this would be useful in case you have a run right animation but not a run left one so you would just mirror the right one to get the other, that way use it in a Blendspace for example.

I realise now that I was a tad premature submitting the Plugin, seems that admins can change thread prefix so It would be nice to change it from Submitted to Work In Progress if its possible.

Here are the “Mirror Table from Skeleton” and “Mirror Animation Asset” editor tools!

I need this so bad.

Any links or ETA when it will be on the MarketPlace to buy?

The Plugin is in the final stages of being admitted to the marketplace. So it should be available soon, as epic is just making sure the code Compiles/Packages without any errors.

Awesome, just to make sure - will it be compatible with all versions?? (I’m using 4.14 at the moment).

Although I started development in 4.14 I had to transfer to 4.15 to get rid of some compiling errors,thus that is the oldest version available. I’am now testing functionality in the newly released 4.16 in case you might be interested in that.

Okay please let me/us know if 4.16 works.

Also interested!

Plugin version for 4.16 works like a charm, there was a workaround that had to be done back in 4.15 which is no longer needed in 4.16, the rest is all the same.


For the full in-depth information regarding the plugin’s features check out the Mirror Animation System Documentation by clicking this link :

Very cool! Looking forward to getting it when I upgrade to 4.16 ! !