Mirroed meshed from 3dsm max 2017 to unreal 4 using fbx

Hello all,

I’m running intio this problem were I need to mirror a window. My first try was using the symetry,modifier but when exporting (fbx) to unreal from 3ds max it would come in up-side down.
Second attempt was using the mirror in 3ds max sam problem. I also did reset xfrom. The only way working was to rotate the mesh 180 (X).
Is this the correct way? only way? I’m using the MAXtoUnreal fbx exporter btw. Just wondering if this could be bug thing or not. Thanks in advanced.

unreal 4.16.3
max 2017 latest fbx

If you used the symmetry modifier then it should come into UE4 exactly as it appears in 3ds Max, that’s a mesh modification and wouldn’t change the orientation of the object.

Every time i use mirror in 3dsmax, i put reset xform on the mirrored mesh, and if thats not enough i use flip normals…then reimport…

Same. Reset xform and collapse.

You can also scale the window by -1 on the appropriate axis inside unreal to mirror assets.

first of all, if you mirror, use the mirror modifier :wink: