Mipmap/ texture quality problem

Hey guys i have a problem:
as soon as i move camera just a bit away from an objects it loses texture quality SIGNIFICANTLY.

i probably forgot to tick some “good quality” setting or soemthing

this is caused by what’s called mip mapping.


No its not, ty i solved that.
The issue i dunno why but it seems viewport gets stuck sometimes not showing actual final quality.
Changing filtering on some texture on the problematic asset seems to fix it

I’m curious what your solution was. I’ve noticed some aggressive quality loss myself when you barely move an inch away from an object. Currently I get around it by changing the lod group but that is a temporary fix.

I change any texture filterng. Anything that triggers the update of object seems to work.
Probably bug with viewport camera or lod system.

I’ve had this happen in game as well, so I doubt it’s isolated to the viewport. Thanks for the information though.