Minor usability tweak with BP struct implementation

Very minor usability tweak I noticed with the new struct functionality in blueprints:

Basically, you probably should not be able to add a ‘break’ node for a specific struct to the BP from the context sensitive menu unless you are actually pulling it off of a ‘get’ pin for that struct.

Currently you can add a break pin for a custom struct even if no reference to it exists in your BP.

Detailed explanation:

  1. Make a custom struct.
  2. Make a new blueprint

You can add a ‘break struct’ node that’s specific to your new struct from the right click context sensitive menu. It works inconsistently, however since it still expects something on the input pin. This isn’t immediately apparent though, because it appears to break out the correct structure without the input and even works in some cases.

Hi Hyperloop,

Thank you for the feedback. I have recommended this as a feature request to our developers.

Thanks, TJ