Minor Feature Requests (ParticleParameterRandomRange and class-to-string)

Hi there,

I’m currently working on various blueprint systems and found a few minor things were missing that I would find useful.

I have a fire particle system which we scale up and down depending on the time of day.
One of the things I am modifying is the velocity of the particles. Currently the only way to set its value is to use a DistributionFloatParticleParameter.
However this only lets me set a constant. I would like to be able to set a random range instead. (Like a DistributionFloatUniform)
This would also be handy for Vectors as well. (random colour range/direction/etc.)

Another feature I would like if possible is the ability to cast a class to a string/name.
This was in UE3 and was really useful as a debugging tool.
For example, i have a base blueprint which I derive other blueprints from that requires an event be overridden.
If it has not, it logs a message when called. I would like to be able to print out the class to make it easier to track down the culprit.
Yes, I can print the object name, but it’s not quite as neat as just the class name.

Cheers guys.

I threw together a quick Class Get Display Name as that is clearly a reasonable thing to have.

I don’t have much useful to say about the distribution, but my gut thinks that making the parameters to the distributions parameterizable would be somewhat over complicated. The intention, I believe, is that if you’re using a parameter you would be managing whatever randomization you’d like to do yourself before passing it in to the parameter.