Minor doc web detail: Swap 'Unreal Engine' with page title

Minor detail.

On the web docs ( ), the HTML page title is in the following format:

Unreal Engine | Page Title


Unreal Engine | Components
Unreal Engine | AnimGraph

The problem is, when you have several tabs open and they shrink, all of the useful page titles get cut off, and all you have are a bunch of “Unrea” tabs.

If you swapped them, it would help navigation:

Components | Unreal Engine
AnimGraph | Unreal Engine

Screenshot of problem on Google Chrome:


We’ll consider alternate methods of displaying the page titles, but at some point any title becomes unreadable because of tab size. I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for the feedback!

Bumping this because I’ve run into the same issue.

Firefox and (to my knowledge) all browsers that derive from it have a minimum length for tabs that allows users to easily see the first 10 characters of page titles. This is almost always enough for the users to know what a given tab contains. However, as each page name starts with “Unreal Engine”, it’s impossible to know the contents of a tab in advance and navigation becomes time-consuming.

In my case, and what I assume is the case for most programmers starting out with UE4, I go through each document methodically, opening all links along the way. This can leave me with 20 tabs open at once, all of them saying “Unreal Engine”. If I switch away from a documentation page to open a new tab for some reason, I then have to look through these 20 tabs to find the one I was originally reading. I imagine this also inconveniences other people who are just starting out.

Based on the web framework you use, changing the page titles should be very easy; the simplest solution (though it would affect the whole website) would simply involve swapping around two variables in one file.

this isn’t a bad idea, although you could just close some of them before you create some type of infinite time loop. :cool: