Minions Spawn how to?

Me again i also want to know how the Minionspawn works.

Got a copy of a AttackStateMinionSpawner and change the Actors in it.
But if i do the (in my case C attack) nothing happens. Just the attackanimation plays.

Any Ideas?

Maybe check Character_BP for Use BPDo Attack, and ensure there is an entry for it in the graph section? Take a look at Megalosaurus_Character_BP… it has good examples where some of its attacks fire off blueprint graph scripts.

Did you ever get this working? I am trying to make the same thing happen but I cannot figure it out. I dont see how the Gorilla and Broodmother do it… I have the attackstate set. I know it works because when I set the gorilla to use it, my custom minions spawn, when i put it on an equus with the C attack ,nothign happens other than it plays the animation I told it to use.