Minimum specs for comfort usage of ue4

Hey guys, I plan to go studying in other country, so I will be buying a laptop
I’m considering MateBook X Pro, either the i7-8550u with mx150 and 16gb ram or the mx250 with i7-8565u and 16 gb ram as well.
Do you think it will be enough to run UE4 and being able to use it comfortably? or will it be laggy? I currently have MacBook Air and the experience with XCode was really terrible, do not want anything like to ever happen again, I am not going to have desktop for a while, so don’t wanna buy a laptop that won’t be able to run it, thanks a lot.

A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums I’m working on an i5, 8gb ram, gtx950m, it’s fine for me. So an i7, 16gb ram should be a lot better, mind having a great graphics