Minimum Mac Requirements for UDK 4?

I have successfully built the Unreal Engine Editor in both iMac 2010 and MacBook Pro 2011 but unfortunately both failed to start up the Editor.

Since the official website shows that the system graphic card requirement for mac is AMD Radeon 6870 HD series, would the graphic card on these 2 machines iMac(ATI Radeon HD 5750) and MBP(HD 6750M) causing the problems?

Please check this thread: Maybe you have the same problem.

Both your Macs should run UE4, although the performance may not be as good as you’d like. You could try this: UE4 Perf Woes - iMac - Platform & Builds - Unreal Engine Forums, just make sure you install the crash fix before the performance fix.

I’ve managed to run UE4 and deploy to my iPad Mini using a MacBook 2010 i5, 4gb ram and NVidia GeForce 330 well below the requirements, naturally it performs slowly but I can still package and test easily :slight_smile: Is it something to do with ATI drivers?

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I managed to run it on a MBP with an Intel HD 4000 on board graphic chip. The editor is unusable for serious work - but you can deploy to an iDevice without troubles.

what did you launch on the iPad mini? and how was performance? Did you have to scale any settings down? what FPS were you getting?