Minimum files for source control

As i said, thats personal config individual for each user, all project associated configs should be saved as default and they are automatically copied to Saved/Config on first run. If you put Saved/Config in repo your devs gonna commit pointless changes there all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

What are the minimum set of files required to build a project without any data loss?

I know the svn/perforce plugins deal with the Content folder - but what about source?

At the root I can see:


It’d be good to know what is required. I’m worried that I could decide a folder isn’t needed, only to find very subtle changes happening down the line.


You should ignore all VS files (they need to be generated for each copy of UE4, you do that by right clicking uproject fil and clicking generate VS files), Intermidite which have files just for you, obviuesly Bineries and Saved which got personal configs, backups and logs.

Not sure about Plugins, if it has source code of your plugins and they are build with project thsn include it to the repo

What about all the configs in Saved/Config? Game.ini and the like?

Cool - thanks for the info