Minimizing the chance to clip through objects using chaos / ue5

My game is very dependent on consistent/predictable collisions and physics, The game has been running on ue5 for a while and has been running well. Although lower frame rates seem to increase the likelihood of clipping through objects, so do very high velocities. I believe these issues were less prevalent using PhysX.
Unsure of what ways I can improve the chaos physics consistency and what’s most impactful for its performance cost.
I noticed player collision size impacts the chances an absurd amount which has been something I’ve resorted to.
(may I be missing something in another area.)?

Project gameplay example:

Update: Believe I made a silly oversight, been focusing so long on what impact solver iterations do. Realized the “Collision Max Push Out Velocity” was far too low, changed the value to 0 (no limit) which decreased the overall likelihood by around 70%.

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