Minimize / Expand of single nodes on Blueprints

So when you have complex functions with lots of inputs and outputs, it would be great if you could minimize that function down or expand it up. Sort of the same function you get with the material editor where you can take the nodes and minimize them down to just their header bar.

That way making a function call doesn’t have to take up a ton of space on screen. Unless I need to expand it out to review or debug, but can shrink it back down to a nice tiny package.

As an example this function takes up a ton of space every time I call it.

Which is often, be nice if it could collapse into just the Part, so that it would save a ton of space.

If you have sooooooo many parameters - consider making a struct with this data and then just pass a struct.
In 4.3 update you can split and recombine struct, what basically allow what you described
Take a look!

Hi Keeperofstars,

It’s not a per-node setting, but in the view menu you can globally hide all unused or unconnected pins in a Blueprint.

Michael Noland

that helps, but a bit too global if we could make that a per node collapse and expand that would be great. As you can hide what you don’t need, but still see the connection wires. Only problem with that is any element that is a pin but takes a value gets hidden ( with unconnected pins) and with unused pins they remain, so any pin that takes a default value doesn’t get hidden with unused, as it’s considered “used” cause of the default value.

So best option is the unconnected pins collapse but per node, if possible, or some hybrid where if it’s default value hide it, if it’s other than default show it. Below is another option where it just hides everything but the event paths.

Overall I think being able to take a node and flatten it to just the title bar and or expand it would be great way to really save on overall space after that node is “done”. If I need to expand it to check on things I can. If I never need to touch it again then I can move on. Simple toggle open and closed I think would help with cleaning up sometimes super hard to follow wires etc. As you get a clean here is the path and if you want to break one piece open to look in more details you can.

So you go from this.

to this.

Now in regards to the struct option. I took a look but problem is you still end up expanding or collapsing the structure to get to the data you need. Since it will be rare to pass a structure as a whole into it, pass it back out and pass that along. It doesn’t really help much with the space saving.

Just was a suggestion that it would be nice to click on a collapse / expand on the blueprint node and have it smush down to just the title and event wires. Or click on it and have it expand again.