This has been asked many a times and there are plenty of videos out there on how to make a minimap. However, I am not looking for a camera over my characters head and recording what it is seeing as I am moving and calling that a minimap. I want to take a predetermined map of my own creation and have a material pan through that texture as I am moving the character as you would see in games like FF14, WoW, CoD, and many others out there. I am not going to spend money on something that shouldn’t be all that hard to create as all I want it to do is be a map showing my character location and locations of things like vendors and all on it. Enemy locations is a mute point for what I am doing.


I felt the same way as you about spending money on something that isn’t so hard to create but I’ve heard good things about the minimap by John Alcatraz. I don’t know the exact method used in that one. I built one of my own using cameras though.

You could maybe email him or check out his thread and see if it might help you. From the amount of time it would take to “figure out” a minimap in general it’s probably worth the price of the one on the marketplace unless you’re a BP wizard and can pop one out in under 3 hours… it’s probably best to buy one just out of convenience of having a reference. If your hourly rate for your day job is $40-$100 an hour, I know its not directly relate-able but if it takes you longer than an hour to make one, well.

I’m all for building everything from scratch. It’s extremely difficult to merge someone elses code into your own and this includes blueprint systems. I’ve only successfully merged one(inventory) and it took a lot of code modifying and additions to even work with my game, but i more support the scratch method for the learning advantage. Some things though if you want them quick… buying them is the right approach. You may not use it as is, but it will help to get you where you want to be much quicker and again how much is your time worth to you in money value?

Good luck.

I did this once with a plane mesh that was 1/x the size of my Landscape. The Plane had the Map as a Material Applied
For simplicity I placed the Pivots like in this picture. But you can place it wherever you want with a little Math.

In a seperate BP I had a Capture2dCamera and set it every Tick to the Player Location/x.

Its not a good way doing it like this though.

you could try to contact this guy here

That is what I am wanting to do but a video with no audio or actual explanation as to how it was done is of no help. Though I do appreciate the link.