Minimaps - Interactive & Real-Time

Good day all!

I posted a tri-set of photos below from Bus Simulator that includes an interactive ‘minimap’,of sorts, that the user brings up during gameplay. You can see that as the player clicks #1 and then clicks #2, the map updates with a solid red line within the boundaries of the street to show exactly where the bus will start and end up along the way. Basically, the game is going to execute that path once submitted.

My question is this…I’ve read some of the minimap articles on the forum and this seems to be a different style of minimap due to the interactivity built into it, and the users preference on where to send the vehicle. Can anyone shed some light on how they accomplished this type of interactivity (from the basic map having set boundaries just on the street but also setting up destination points that automatically draw a heavy colored line from the previous point), and is this something possible in UE4? I assume it’s working with a 2D setup of some sort but adding on the layers of line draws and interactivity is what I’m trying to figure out. My goal is to have something like this but with many many more destination points that would allow the user to send any vehicle to the nearest point and on to a further destination of their choice. Thank you all for any helpful tips!

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