I’m not getting a reply in the blueprints section and was just thinking this might have been a better section to post this:

I’ve developed a minimap using an FPS template following this tutorial:

however my player character is missing from the minimap, how do I sort this.

Additionally how do I get the camera to move with the minimap as the player character progresses through the level, I’ve had a look at lulls answer here:

but how exactly do I add these?

Additionally I’ve tried this tutorial to create a minimap:

but can’t do steps 37-39 because the nodes dont show up

Any ideas guys?, I really need some help.


Sorry about any confusion with the tutorial, there have been a few changes since then. The node named “OutSideTick” is no longer needed now that all blueprints have access to the “Event Tick” node. So in the case of this part of the tutorial you can simply run a normal tick event into the “Set Actor Location” node to drive the position of the camera.

Now that the tick issue is cleared up, you can ignore the top set of nodes (Event Tick > Get All Actors Of Class > ForEachLoop > OutSideTick). One more quick note: You will need to pull off of the Return Value pin (blue pin) of the “Create Widget” node to see the “Add to Viewport” node pop up in your quick search.

Last note: Please be sure to set the Z orders accordingly (Higher Z orders for rendering widgets on top). I hope this helps.

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Thanks for getting back to me, however, I cant seem to access “mycharacter”, im using the first person template setup.

please be aware that I’m completely new to this and I’m an absolute idiot.

I’m also using ed 4.7.1.

Please help as I’ve spent a week tearing my hair out.


I have not had a chance to update the tutorial for 4.7, however everything should work just as well in the new versions of the engine. There are a couple of minor differences such as what I mentioned in my previous post and a couple of name changes to the default blueprints. (MyCharacter for example was the old default name.) The default Character blueprint for the first person shooter is no FirstPersonCharacter. You will need to use this blueprint in place of MyCharacter (same thing different name). If you need any further help with this tutorial please feel free to post them here and I will be more than happy to help. This way if anyone else has the same issues they can find this thread.

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many thanks I’ll have another stab on monday.

Additionally is there anyway of getting the camera to follow the player around?

I’m also having issues getting the create widget node?


I cant get this to work no idea what i’m doing wrong, I’ve tried compiling without the 4 nodes from your tutorial (Event Tick > Get All Actors Of Class > ForEachLoop > OutSideTick) to no avail (A white box is drawn not the level and the green throbber doesnt follow the player), in addition to trying to include these 4 nodes that throws up an error at compile time.

I’ve included images to show you what they look like currently:

please help as I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure this out!

Thanks for all your kind help.


I have a few corrections for you. However, I will need to get a screen shot of the designer tab of your widget blueprint as well as a screen shot of how you have your material and how you have your textures set up.

Correction one:

As I said in my previous post you can just use the tick event now. The yellow is the correction and shows you how to connect the tick event.

Correction two:

This shows why your previous setup was not working. In yellow you will find: The nodes were not set up correctly. The custom event did not have the target that it needed. In Red: This is one of the things that has changed since the tutorial was made. The nodes that have been crossed out were used to send a tick event to the camera blueprint. (the camera blueprint did not used to have it’s own tick event) I set it up this way to “barrow” the tick event.

I hope this information helps.

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Thanks for getting back to us here’s the info requested:

I greatly appreciate your help.

This now works it was referencing the wrong file.

However is there any way of getting the throbber to move instead of the actual camera, so a constant pic of the map in the background but the throbber instead indicates the players movement in relation???

The issue I’m having now is the minimap starts by displaying only half the actual map, with the other half showing the rest of the world as white space.

I’ve tried moving the (Minicam) camera about so that it shows the rest of the map from the start, but its not having it.

Which element do i need to adjust so that this works, is it the minicam, the minimap widget or the map rendering.

Where as I’d like it to look like:


I’m having similar problems, maybe rudy can step in?


I would recommend backing the camera out until you can see all of your level. I would then place your image inside of a canvas panel and then resize the canvas panel to clip off the white edges. From there you can go to the transform section of the of the canvas panel and scale it until it looks correct. I hope this helps.

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just to clarify the image is already in a canvas in the widget, do you mean resize this?

I’m sorry I’m a complete newb

Whats even more interesting is even if I move the minicam completely off the geometry I’ve built (off world even) it still shows the same image!