Minimap text problem

Guys, I’ve put together a minimap using this tutorial:

But when I use a box trigger to output text to the screen, it prints text to the minimap instead of the main player view, how do I fix this?

Additionally, where is the logfile for each game stored in ue4, with udk it used to be in a folder called logs?

I’d appreciate some help.


That’s also the the sound of my head against the floor!

Please don’t bump unless 4 days has passed. I have closed your other thread as it is a duplicate of this one.

As for the answer to your log files: Check your log files (<GameName>\Saved\Logs<GameName>.log) and see if that provides and useful information.

This will typically be the same folder where you created your project … or where you packaged your project … or where you installed your project (if you created an installer).

Thanks for that Quinton

Shot … did you come right. 8-}

yes I think I found them, but still need to test, to ensure my triggers are outputting to the log file correctly.

I massively appreciate your help for that Quinton!

However I cant get an answer to the other issue I’m having!