Minimap question and how to make 3d angled widget?

Hello guys,

I have two questions. The first one is regarding the minimaps in games. I know the easiest way would be to create a camera on top of the character and render it to the widget on the player’s screen. But that’s kinda ugly and I don’t like it. And since I have no clue on how to create cool minimaps like the ones on the picture, I’d love to hear your opinion on how to make that?

Second is how can I “rotate” the widget to look like it’s a helmet or something like the picture? Is it possible with UMG?


My approach would be to render a 3D widget in my character BP. Then I would mark all the components,which I would like to display on the minimap, with tag or something similar. Then get all those components and get their vectors, divide them by an amount necessary. And Finally, only display them whenever in the bounds of the minimap scale.

I haven’t tested it out, but that’s my thought process of one way that could work.

you could adjust the scaleand shear of a panel, containing what you you want to add a perspective effect to. If done right, it will look just as convincing as this screenshot from COD.

About the 3D widget placed in fornt of the camera, this would be very bad if you want player to be able to set the FOV or game resolution in a setting menu, as it would render these widgets out of the camera view.

That actually wasn’t COD, but Crysis but never mind. Thanks that’s what I was asking for :smiley:

Shame on myself for beign so mistaken xD glad I could help.