Minimap not following player

Hi there, I am a student studying games design, and right now we’re working on Unreal, so it is all quite new. Up to now I’ve created a quite simplistic 2D level, with moving platforms etc. I was planning to add a Minimap, and followed a Youtube video [By thefrog] on how to do so. The minimap is there and is appearing fine although the video then ends and doesn’t explain how to make the Minimap follow the player as the player moves through the level.

Can anyone explain, help or show me how to make the Minimap follow the player as they move through the level? My level is quite large and the minimap only focus’s on one section of the game, which is pretty much useless to me as you can only see my character moving when it moves through that one section that the camera is focusing on.

Here is the Video that I followed.

Thanks for the help


You could add the camera and the scene capture component to your character blueprint instead of having it as a separate bp

ULLS answer is what you need