Minimap, Map and Navigation System - Texture Based

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This took way longer than I thought, so many features to be added to allow complete customization. But finally I am happy to be able to complete and submit it.

MInimap, Map and Navigation System is a plugin designed to create customizable and optimized texture based Minimaps and Maps for your next big title. Forget dealing with the limitations of RenderTargets to design your Minimaps, which are performance heavy for larger worlds. This system can handle thousands of Points of Interest at a time without affecting the performance, and is designed keeping Open World RPGs in mind, however the flexibility and ease of implementation allows you to use this system in any kind of game you want, from archviz projects to real time strategy games. Actors represented as Points of Interest in the Minimaps and Maps are implemented via Datatable and each POI Actor class added to the Datatable has its own set of unique properties, making it simple to add a variety of different POI having different functionalities.


  • Texture Based Minimap System
  • Transition between multiple Map regions in same level
  • Datatable driven Static and Dynamic Points of Interest
  • POIs can be displayed based on Visibility radius, or can be set to always visible
  • POIs not in bounds can be shown via custom marker at the edge of the Minimap
  • Fixed Zoom vs User Defined Zoom Level for Minimap
  • Rectangular and Circular Minimap, with AutoRotate feature to rotate the map with player rotation
  • Minimap Texture masking for non rectangular Bounds
  • Interactive Map , with Zoom and Pan functionalities
  • POIs for Map can have visibility based on Zoom Level
  • Custom ToopTip Widgets for Points of Interest in Map
  • Waypoint Markers can be added in map for navigation, which can be custom marker, or specific to the selected Point of Interest
  • Customizable Navigation system, allowing user to add one or many Navigation Markers in the world, to display the location of the destination
  • Navigation Our of Bounds notification, to display custom markers when player camera view is not looking at the destination
  • Custom destination actors can be added to highlight the destination from a distance
  • Navigation exist actors as optional local destinations, when target is at a different Bounds area.






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Added the Documentation, which you can find from the below site -

Latest update -

  1. Added support for runtime adding and removing of POI Elements.
  2. Minimap Actor Component can be attached to any actor, in BP or placed in the level, to create custom POI Elements for some specific actors , without having to update the POIElement Datatable.

See documentation for the implementation. Do remember to join my discord channel for queries, bug reports, feedback and suggestions. Thanks.

Latest update -

Minimap, Map and Navigation System, is now updated to support Centrical Player System, a feature used by most games where marker arrow representing the Player Position in the Minimap is always at the center, and the Minimap texture as well as the Points of Interest Elements align themselves relative to the player being at the center. I have also added a masking system to solve the edge tile issue in this case, where, if the Minimap Texture reaches its edge while panning, the tiled portion will be replaced by a custom texture or color(usually a black texture or color to represent out of Bounds area).