Minimap Error

I was following UNF Minimap tut and it was working perfectly, but when my character is climbing on a wall or swinging, the arrow is following its rotation and noy showing on minimap


Tutorial that I was following:

Can you show me the character hierarchy? (components)
Either the icon is being rotated or not being rendered maybe due to camera clipping.

any idea how to fix it?

The arrow could just be hidden inside of the building when you are climbing. If it has overhanging decorative elements it might cover the arrow (it is 3d)

may be but when I am swinging and having some rotation due to swinging arrow is also copying its swinging rotations.
check the video:

Ok so make the arm of the minimap camera very long (higher than buildings)
Make sure the arrow plane is up very high (close to the top down actor) and scale it.

That way the arrow will be above everything and not be blocked by meshes.

Also make sure that the minimap spring arm has “Do Collision Test” set to false

Didn’t work!

ok so the character rotates on the wall, that would explain why you can’t see the arrow. You need to the plane rotated up towards the capture camera and keep it’s position relative to it’s offset.

Hook it up to tick & construct.

The 50 is the distance of the arrow from the capture source. You will need to adjust it until the arrow is visible.

Only remaining option would be to draw to a render target with a material with a rotating arrow texture but that might require c++.

I hook it up to event tick but what is construct?

ConstructionScript in functions

Arrow is not visible even on 1000 it cannot be seen on the map

In event tick its last one

Maybe the size of the arrow is either too big or small. You don’t want a big value of -1000.
It’s a 1000 points below the capture camera. (it might be underground at that level)

Set it 50 and try working with the arrow scale (make it rather small)

I am unable to control its transform

You should be able to control the scale.
If you can’t change it then you must be setting the scale somewhere in the blueprint. Most likely in the constructorscript

It could be because it’s a sprite. I just used a plane with a texture.

Now I am also using plane instead of sprite but I am now unable to change arrow rotation.

In the tick function it is getting the rotation form the actor. Try printing out the values and see if they follow the character rotation.

its not following.